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Boards for production of dry cast products

More than 20 years of experience in manufacture of boards for production of dry cast products such as: paving stones, curbs, hollow blocks, decorative products, etc.

Fully satisfied, long-term loyal customers from Europe, Middle East and North America

Flexible terms and conditions of purchase, delivery, financing as well as repurchase of production boards after termination of their exploitation

About us

We have been dealing with manufacture of production boards for concrete block machines since 1995. During more than 20 years of existence of the company we gained extensive experience in the scope of production requirements and quality of products as a result of which our boards are characterised by the highest quality of execution. In the process of continuous improvement of production we registered and patented an industrial design of a production board, and currently its production is also patented.

For production of boards we use high quality raw materials from the Czech Republic. We manufacture them main from pine wood, and in case of extremely heavily loaded boards - also from other types of wood. At the customer's request we can also produce boards from beech, spruce and larch wood or other material in order to meet any expectations. In the production process of production boards we pay a lot of attention to their quality. For that purpose each order is consulted thoroughly in order to achieve the longest possible useful life of the products and at the same time full satisfaction of the customer. The quality of our products is confirmed with reference letters from fully satisfied manufacturers of dry cast products from Europe, Middle East and North America. In 2009 we were awarded with the prestigious title of the Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 of the Hradec Králové Region by the most important economic journal in the Czech Republic - Hospodářské Noviny.

Production boards

The boards are an important elements of the production process of dry cast products as they constitute a contact point of the vibration table with concrete and this is why the quality of their execution as well as the quality of products used for their manufacture is so important.

Proper execution of boards as well as their thorough maintenance guarantees proper transfer of vibrations from the vibration table onto the product, and thus proper and uniform compaction of the concrete mix in a mould.

Our production boards have a long and failure-free useful life. Individual planks are joined by means of a tongue and groove connection and glued, and the structure of the board is additionally strengthened and stiffened by means of steel bars and metal “U” profile fittings. We manufacture many types and designs of boards, thanks to which we are always able to satisfy the expectations of our customers, and no size of a board is a problem for us. We are the only company that offers boards covered by manufacturer's guarantee, provided that exploitation and maintenance requirements constituting an amendment to the purchase agreement are met. The delivered boards are initially impregnated and we additionally offer also the high quality impregnate FAZE 3, which protects the boards and extends their useful life.


The metal “U” profile fittings are protected with screws and welds.


Reinforcement of the boards by means of steel bars


Seasoned, dry wood of relevant moisture content


We are the only manufacturer who offers 24-month guarantee for our products, provided that all principles and indications provided to the recipient upon delivery are met.

The guarantee specified in the sales agreement regards maintenance of the integrity of the board, preventing knot filling from falling out and the integrity of board fittings and strengthening screws.
Due to the fact that the production are made of coniferous or deciduous timber which undergoes special seasoning and is dried and impregnated, after the delivery the delivered boards should be placed in the production line as quickly as possible, with moisture at the level of 14-18% of absolute moisture. If the moisture range is different, it is necessary to pay attention to this aspect prior to concluding the purchase agreement, so that timber dried in a different manner is used for production of the boards.

The boards may be stored outside the production line only in a roofed and well-ventilated facility in proper climatic conditions. It is particularly important to prevent their quick drying in warm conditions or under direct sunlight as well as excessive moisturisation, which may lead to deterioration of the quality of working surface of the production boards. In case of storage for a longer period we recommend not to unpack the packages with the boards, to cover the boards with foil, and to impregnate the top board and sides of the remaining boards with undiluted FAZE 3 impregnate. After the end of a season or at least once a year it is necessary to inspect the production boards and possibly tighten the loose screws so that there are no gaps between individual boards.

Under no circumstances should be production boards be handled outside the production line in full sunlight or a temperature exceeding 35°C.